“Thank you for another wonderful spa experience. Each time I am there it just gets better. I am not sure which treatment I like the best: this month’s Reiki session or last month’s Reflexology. Each left me in a state if bliss, washing away the tension and fatigue of the week. I feel balanced, refreshed and peaceful. Your spa, as always, is a ‘petite retreat” for this tired woman. I especially appreciate the atmosphere, which is peaceful and serene, yet enhanced by your laughter and caring service.”

– Cindi R., Newburyport

“I have been going to Jean Theberge for services for close to 30 years! She is the best esthetician that I know. I have enjoyed years of manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing, reflexology, Reiki and makeup consultations. Jean is the consummate professional and has the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed immediately upon entering her lovely salon. Her services never disappoint. I am proud to say that my esthetician is my friend!”

– Cheryl H., North Andover

“I have been a client of Jean’s for over 20 years. Her salon has always been a peaceful retreat from the outside world. I have never left feeling anything but refreshed and reinvigorated. A Petite Retreat is a wonderful experience that everyone should experience.”

– Patty C., Methuen

“At Petite Retreat, I leave any demands on the sidewalk, rest for however long and enjoy Jean’s company. She is an artful gem.”

– W. D., Andover

“I have been to Petite Retreat several times for a myriad of services; I always leave happy and satisfied- Jean is personable, professional, and great at what she does! A Petite Retreat is an Andover gem!”

– Dena O., Andover

“Andover’s “A Petite Retreat” designed and operated by Jean Theberge, delivers precision care with well-researched healthy products in an environment of ambiance. Jean Theberge allows her clients to have the experience that the client wants. I have wanted many diverse services. If one wants total quiet and a facial, fine. If one wants an engaging philosophical discussion during a pedicure, excellent. If a person wants make-up consultation to prepare for a new career or job interview, great. These are just a few of the services that I have been so fortunate to have on my magnificent “escapes” to “A Petite Retreat.” We are so fortunate that Jean is in Andover.”

– Jan B., Andover

“I look forward to my standing reflexology appointments with Jean to help with my overall health and wellness needs! I leave feeling relaxed, focused and ready to face the day! I highly recommend taking advantage of all that A Petite Retreat has to offer you, Jean is a professional who really listens to what each client is looking for and delivers great results!”

– Kate Ryan, Wilmington
Essential Whole Health

“I have been using the services offered at Petite Retreat for many years. Jean Theberge provides the most personal service, with care and attention. She is most knowledgeable and supportive. Her salon is a respite in a world filled with distraction. My time there is a gift to myself.”

– F.H., Andover

“Yours is the best spa in Andover. The services and treatments are always tailored to my needs. Dr. Jeff and Jane Iredale are amazing…thank you, Jean, for saving my skin!”

– Barbara R., Andover

“It is always a pleasure to see Jean at A Petite Retreat. I am welcomed with a cup of tea, and Jean’s friendly approach makes me feel relaxed instantly. The spa is both stylish and soothing. Jean’s attention to detail means I never leave disappointed after a service. I’ve recommended this spa to my friends, and they love it just as much as I do.”

– Amanda G., Andover

“My blood pressure drops and my day becomes irrelevant the minute I walk into A Petite Retreat. Jean Theberge is a master of her cosmetic and therapeutic skills and one of those rare individuals who welcomes you as if you’re an old friend and gives you the mental/emotional space you may be craving to sit back and truly relax.”

– K.H. Andover

“I have been a client of Jean’s for many years. She is a very “centered” woman who provides her many services in a quiet, calm and serene environment. She is a knowledgeable esthetician and reflexologist. Whether you choose a “quick manicure” and (keep going), or a longer experience, you will enjoy and relax in the environment.”

– CJB, Methuen

“I highly recommend A Petite Retreat. The owner, Jean, runs a professional, clean, and welcoming shop. I have been a client 12+ years and have never had to worry that I will be assaulted with chemical smells or worry about the cleanliness of the shop. It is the place to go to relax and feel pampered.”

– Lynn L., Andover

  • “A Petite Retreat -
    A quiet place to enjoy an hour or two especially for you.”
    “I am not about trends or quick fixes - I believe in achieving peace; beauty through balance and relaxation.”
    “Effective treatments and home care are the perfect compliments to a healthy lifestyle.”
    “Your trend is the perfect length and nail color that suits you.”
    “Mindfulness is paying attention to the present. Learning to live in the moment and embracing experience.”
    “Slow Beauty; An attitude that real beauty comes from deep care of one's inner self.”
    “The face you have at age 25 is the face God gave you, but the face you have after 50 is the face you earned.” –Cindy Crawford
    “Outer beauty is an expression of the inner self.”
    “Real beauty is so much more than the right hair, skin and nails. It is about nurturing your best self from the inside out.” –Carl Honore
    “A Petite Retreat -
    A quiet place to enjoy an hour or two especially for you.”