About Jean

About Jean

Jean E. Theberge, C.R.T.
Aesthician, Reiki II Practicioner
Nail Technician


A Petite Retreat is a culmination of 38 years experience in the spa industry caring for the beauty and wellness needs of clients in Andover and the surrounding area. Jean started her career at Andover Hair and Skin Care in 1983. After seventeen years at the Riverina Road location, Jean moved to The Olde Andover Village and completed the transformation from family hair salon to aesthetic and hair care studio. In 2012 Jean retired the hair care aspect of her business in order to completely dedicate space for relaxation and wellness. With a new location in Shawsheen Square and a new focus, A Petite Retreat was born. After 8 years, the sale of the historic Tactician Building meant A Petite Retreat needed to relocate. A Petite Retreat now resides in Jean’s tranquil riverside home studio in nearby west Methuen.

A Petite Retreat offers clients a peaceful get-away from life’s stress-a small snippet of time to indulge in well-deserved and well-needed relaxation to replenish the spirit. The concept of relaxation is subjective. For that reason Jean offers a variety of aesthetic, nail and foot care services and wellness services to suit any clients’ vision of relaxation.

Jean is a licensed Aesthetician (skin care specialist/make up artist), a nationally certified reflexologist, Reiki III practitioner and nail technician.
Jean received her reflexology certificate in 1999 after completing a course of study with Val Voner at the New England Institute of Reflexology and Cape Center for Universal and Holistic Studies in Onset, Ma. Jean obtained national certification in foot reflexology in 2003.

Jean studied Reiki for two semesters at North Shore Community College where she received a Liberal Arts degree and a certificate in Wellness and Healing Arts. Jean received her BA in Sociology at Southern New Hampshire University in 2018.

Jean regularly attends continuing education programs and workshops on alternative healing topics such as aromatherapy and color therapy and travels to spa industry shows. She is a member of the Reflexology Association of America. Jean takes great care to provide each client with quality products and services in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

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  • “A Petite Retreat -
    A quiet place to enjoy an hour or two especially for you.”
    “I am not about trends or quick fixes - I believe in achieving peace; beauty through balance and relaxation.”
    “Effective treatments and home care are the perfect compliments to a healthy lifestyle.”
    “Your trend is the perfect length and nail color that suits you.”
    “Mindfulness is paying attention to the present. Learning to live in the moment and embracing experience.”
    “Slow Beauty; An attitude that real beauty comes from deep care of one's inner self.”
    “The face you have at age 25 is the face God gave you, but the face you have after 50 is the face you earned.” –Cindy Crawford
    “Outer beauty is an expression of the inner self.”
    “Real beauty is so much more than the right hair, skin and nails. It is about nurturing your best self from the inside out.” –Carl Honore
    “A Petite Retreat -
    A quiet place to enjoy an hour or two especially for you.”